About Me

HBR Patel is an author whose debut novel is POTUS#45, a political fiction. An avid reader, he hates to represent himself in the third person but he never misses a chance to put a smile on a strangers face. So, allow him to introduce himself.

An avid reader, I started my writing journey by scribbling the Political Fiction POTUS#45. We are surrounded by stories and I just represent some of the stories with words by adding curiosity.

I use my Pen name HBR Patel, the initials of my parents and mine. I think dedicating one or more book to them is not enough, so I decided to dedicate my entire journey in the world of Literature to their love and affection.

Apart from being a graphics designer, I enjoy exploring various plot of the story irrespective of the source of the story. Whether the source of a story is a novel, a TV series, an Audiobook or a Movie, I constantly upgrade myself with a new diegesis.

I also enjoy combining graphics and quotes to give color to the wisdom present in the quotes. Check out such colorful and wisdomous quotes in Quotes Section and Quora Account.

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