Enemy Within

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         Read to Know: How Do They Rig an Election?
          A fictional plot to highlight the many ways to rig an election.

Democracy relies on Election & Election relies on your opinions/votes. 

Do you think that your precious opinion is your own? 

If your answer is yes, then it’s time to look around and inside this Novel. 

You rely on opinion of Celebrities to choose your toothpaste.

You rely on the opinion of celebrities to choose your clothes.

You rely on the opinion of celebrities to choose your life insurance.

And you think that your opinion is free from manipulation.

Influence is all around us, sneaking into our sub-conscience and making us do things. Multi-million MNC requires manipulators to run their business. Do you think multi-trillion Democracies can be free from that trend? 

Read this Novel & find out that yourself. 

This novel explores the cheap and sophisticated stunts pulled by some fictional Political Party. 

The events of this Story would rattle your conscience. 

Fictional Characters with Fictional Parties might draw your attention to the happenings around you. 

Read this Novel to enhance your immunity against Manipulation.